Kuramathi Island Resort

Set on Rasdhoo Atoll, on one of 6 islands located in this tiny Archipelago, Kuramathi Island Resort offers naturally Maldivian holiday experiences with unique twists to suit everyone. Whether you are one half of a couple on a romantic getaway or part of a big family seeking to enjoy quality time together, whether you prefer undersea activities to overwater, whether you would rather indulge in sensual spa therapies than play a game of outdoor tennis, there is literally something for everyone. Come to Kuramathi and discover Maldives at its best. Relax, get comfortable and enjoy the beautiful island: sun, sand, surf.

Kuramathi is located 56 kilometres west from the Male’ International Airport. The island is over 1.8km long and has another kilometre or so of pristine sandbank stretching from the narrow tip of the island. Guest villas are scattered around lush gardens, facing secluded areas of long beaches or poised over water. Many areas of the island remain untouched, inviting guests to leisurely stroll along deserted beaches or through virgin vegetation.