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Travel Tips to Know Before Visiting Maldives

Maldives is made up of about 1,190 single islands dotted across the Indian Ocean, you can from the map below India and Sri Lanka. If you are looking for google online map you have zoom quite bit deep, then you see they’re there.mvm_1001

The dream destination of Maldives is wonder to be an expectation of many people around the world. It’s time to a break your busy routine works and take rest in one of the resort islands of Maldives. You may have question WHY Maldives? Because it helps you enter in the real nature of tranquility and see its beauty of clear crystal blue lagoons, house reef swarming with colorful fishes, sun kissed white sandy beaches and your bungalow is beach front few distance touch your bear feet with white sands. When you see the amazing sceneries to your naked eyes, allowing you to relax and enjoy the sounds of nature in all their glory. The above picture shows how the islands of Maldives were scattered across the ocean. Its low-lying islands can be developed of many different industrial purpose, now it has been using for its real means that’s developing for resorts.

Those who are able to access internet can be seen the photos of Maldives before they arrive here, when you are in the position of planning your trip you can go through the below tips before you visit Maldives.

1. Inhabited Island Are there, But Not All

Maldives islands divided 26 different atolls and given names accordingly, this division is made based on the natural formation of the island in a ring shape manner. Each atoll is having collections of islands about 200 are inhabited by peoples. The main daily works of islanders are fishing and farming, in other words it’s like a farming town and fishing villages. Uninhabited islands are used for farm land or industry like canned (fish) or bottling (water), or as a picnic islands for resorts and sailing safaris, where tourists can visit for the day private hiding and romantic meals.

2. Few Reclaimed Islands Are There

Most of the islands of Maldives are natural but very few islands like Hulhumale and Thilafushi is reclaimed or artificial. These two islands are located two end of Capital Male both island is using different purpose. Hulhumale is an island (bigger than capital Male’) next to the main Airport is looks like a full fledge town with paved roads, shops, schools, parks, housing and coastline. Thilafushi is mainly used for industrial business purpose.

3. 100-Percent Islamic Population in Maldives

Maldives peoples are proud to be one of the 100 percent Muslims country in the entire world. There are no more 100 percent Muslims countries in the world except Saudi Arabia and Maldives. This is important to know when planning your trip, since the holy fasting month of Ramadan, most of the local staff you’ll be encountering at the airport and resorts will be unable to eat or drink anything during daylight hours and many shops and services including on resort island will be closed at certain times for prayer.

4. Prohibited Activities Like Alcohol, Bathing Suits, and Display of Affection in Public

As you knew Maldives is Muslim country, and advisable to be respectable to their ethics. It is vital to know these things while you are in Maldives, there are few very significant and severely compulsory rules that you may not know exist.

  • There is no alcohol available, it is really strict Muslims not allowed to consume any food and drinks that contains alcohol.
  • Homosexuality is also highly disapproval and illegal.
  • Women are barred from wearing bathing suits or body revealing clothing (nothing see-through the elbows, shoulders and knees)
  • There is no poke products and public displays of affection, even just sudden kisses, are against the law. Although they are bit more lenient on clothing restrictions at the airport

5. Life on Resort Islands are Exception

But there is a silver lining! All of the above rules do not apply on resort islands (although — Europe, we’re looking at you — there’s absolutely no nude sunbathing). Tourists, while at the resort islands, are free to booze it up, eat pork, canoodle, and wear bikinis, spaghetti-strap tops, dresses, and shorts. But please do remember, if you take a day trip to a local island, you’ll be expected to follow the local customs, mainly when regarding women’s clothing.

6. All Resort is on Its Own Secluded Island

This one may come as an amazement, but it’s true every resort is on its own island. This essentially means that any imaginary you’ve had about beating yourself off to a remote island in the middle of nowhere can pretty much come true if you visit the Maldives. This also means that most of the islands are very small, so you’ll be around the same people all the time, and unless you take a day trip, you’re on the same small square of sand for the whole of your vacation. There are no malls, movie theaters, or food, drink, and entertainment options outside of your resort, so be sure explore your location before jump to it.

7. Items that are Banned from Entry Point

As Muslim country, there are particular bans on some things you may carry into the Maldives. To evade any harass or misperception at the airport, leave the port products, alcohol (even duty-free from a connecting stop), and religious texts (including the Bible) that may be interpreted outside of personal use.

8. Transfer by Air May Costly to You

As you have seen the above picture Maldives resorts are on the basis
of one island one resort, located different part of the country. The air transport mainly arranged for distance islands via sea plane or air plane. Mostly used sea plan chiefly depends upon your selected resort or island guest house. You can check you cost and mode of transfer by your travel agent. Sometimes it would be known while you booking from the above booking search box.mvt_1003

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