About Maldives

Maldives is an independent country since 1965. The country started tourism industry in the year 1970’s based on two Resort Island known as Kurumba Village and Bandos. Now this industry becomes the country leading income sector and helping to improve economy due to inflow of foreign currency into the country.

From the maldives_001moment you arrive to the international airport (one separately island designed only for
airport services – close to the Capital City Male’) your will have option to travel by seaplane or fast speed boat. Mainly seaplane available only for faraway resorts apart from speed boats, and it will take few minutes to reach nearby resorts by speed boat transfer.

Today Maldives is famous as traveler’s tropical paradise on earth situated on the Indian Ocean close to Sri Lanka and India. These beautiful islands surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters and connected with white sun-kissed sandy beaches, few walk away shows beach front bungalows under the shadows of trees in different sizes. There are folding beach chairs just beside the rooms and on the beach for maldives_002resting after sun bathe. There are open air restaurants are built on the beach, above the water and some underwater restaurants also available in few resorts.

Many recreational activities including water sports and diving is readily available every resorts of Maldives where the holiday makers will not be bored in any means. The complete romantic hide in the lonely resort environment can be agreed only after having got through. The holidays you spend in Maldives ensure you boosting your energy level and free from daily stress, no doubt that you need relaxing environment after busy city working life. The place where you can get in Maldives is the quiet, serenity that you always want get utmost pleasure.

The amazing destination for luxury, leisure and family holidays, the resorts offer an excellent cuisine on the client choice including local, Asian and western menus. Restaurant in the Maldives are designed well suited and comfortable to have romantic meals and everyone is really having pleasure of eating with such beautiful views and relaxing atmosphere.

The Maldives hotel resorts comprises with one island one resorts basis, the resort maldives_003islands are free from disturbance and it is completely away from public. There are many transfers made to and from Resort Island. Mainly all requirements need operate resorts will be brought from Capital city Male’. The hospitality and friendly mannered people can be seen in the visit to an inhabit islands that can be arranged from the resorts on client request. These islands also very calm and quite free from many vehicles and quite near to resort. Some of these islanders arrange local foods to the visitors and young coconut is given as a welcome drink.

Choose Maldives as you dream destination and the holiday would be one of the memorable and experienced one in your life.