Weather and Climate in the Maldives

Maldives, the sunny side of life is welcome with fairylike and awesome displays of sunshine for the better part of a year. Similar to tropical countries, the Maldives enjoys a dry and wet season.  Usefully, the hot and moist weather is supplemented with cooling sea breezes and recurrent rain.

Maldives is having monsoonal climate because of locating on the equator region. There are two season namely Northeast Monsoon (dry season) and Southwest Monsoon (wet season). Dry season is from January to March and the wet season experiencing between May to June and September to November. During the wetter times light showers and occasional thunderstorms is occurred. As the country is comprises of small islands with low lying, hot days are frequently moderated by chilling sea winds and mild evening temperatures. The temperature tends not to fluctuate much and the weather and climate remains pretty stable across the entire region.

sunshine_climateThe average temperature in the Maldives is around 29/32° Celsius. On average the daily temperature may fluctuate from 31 °C during the day to 23 °C in the night. The highest temperature ever recorded in the Maldives was 36.8 °C. Whereas the lowest temperature ever recorded in the Maldives was 17.2 °C.

The dry season is the season for admirers and fans of the sun. Throughout the dry season you are assured of beautiful and bright sunshine. Accordingly the seas are serene with clear blue skies. There is only intermittent rain during this season. Hence, this is the ultimate season for sunbathing, sunset watching and scuba diving.


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