Water Sports in Maldives

The Maldives most of the area covered by sea about 99% and less than 1% of land. So, it comes as no wonder that the Maldives is a leading water sports center in the world. The natural surroundings of the islands sparked with crystal clear lagoon and turquoise blue water is the perfect combination for a natural water sports arena.

All the resorts, guest houses and liveaboards deliver unlimited access to thrilling water sports activities. There are world class water sports centre readily available in resort islands to excite the visitors. Some of the water sports activities may look complicated, excited and demanding. But there is no reason to be in surprise of them, as the water sport centres will teach you and guide you to excel in your chosen activities.watersports_02

Some of the water sports activities that you can participate in the resort includes; water skiing, catamaran sailing, water skiing, fun tube, canoeing, wakeboarding, kayaking, parasailing, jet ski tours, windsurfing, banana boat towing, kitesurfing, kneeboading and snorkeling.

The new water sports concepts has been introducing and played a vital role with the help of modern technology. Consequently the water sports centres in the Maldives proposes all the ultra-Modern water sports activities.  Zoom over the sea powered by the X-Jetpacks and fly like a superhero. Feel like James Bond when you embarked on a Seabob ride on the speediest underwater scooter.

Surfing fans from around the globe visits the Maldives yearly to ride the waves produced in the now famous surf breaks. Setting your surfing talents in the international surfing events held in the Maldives.

Water sports items including suits are available both resort shops and shops in the capital city Male’. The tropical destination like Maldives under the bright sunshine enjoy a wide array of water sport activities in a various depth of water lagoons and swimming pools.